Protocol & Etiquette



Protocol and Etiquette used to be solely a code of conduct between countries to monitor communication, to facilitate cross-cultural interactions and to deliver the correct message respectfully. These days, organizations and companies operate on a global level or have international staff with different backgrounds and cultures. For someone to present themselves with self-confidence and consequently represent their company and country in a professional manner, a specific skillset and knowledge of Protocol & Etiquette is needed.

Programs Offered:

 Business Etiquette

  • New Managers Business Etiquette
  • New Graduate Business Etiquette
  • International Business Etiquette
  • Etiquette of Formal Dress Code and International Elegance
  • Cross-Cultural Intelligence
  • The Art of Business Luncheon


  • Protocol Project Management Diploma
  • Protocol in International Organizations
  • Organizing Official Events
  • Seating Protocol
  • Order of Precedence
  • Official Ceremonies, Visits and Diplomacy
  • Protocol and Etiquette of Delegation’s Escorts
  • The Diplomatic Immunities and the Arabian Gulf Sovereign Practices
  • High Profile Official Delegation Security
  • Arabian Gulf Protocol and Etiquette (for Non-Arabs)
  • Security for Sovereign Facilities and Assets Abroad
  • Marine Protocol and Etiquette
  • Private Jets Protocol
  • Protocol Officer Training
  • VIP Protocol and Etiquette

International Events & Conferences Consultancy
Our expert consultants in international events’ protocol will share their experience and knowledge with you and/ or your team by drawing upon decades of event protocol and etiquette experience. We are proud to be one of the first organizations to introduce such services in the Gulf region. We are dedicated to help you deliver your event and ensure that it is demarcated by the highest standards of international protocol and etiquette.

 Programs include:

  • Official Banquets
  • Press Conferences
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Official Reception
  • Royal and VVIP Protocol