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Executive training Solutions has a team of high-profile trainers and experts.

Our Senior Trainers deliver various training workshops such as Customer Service, Team Building, Time Management, Presentation and Communication skills.

Our Experts deliver the subjects of Executive Presence, Protocol, International Relations, Business Etiquette, NLP, Media and Finance.

Please meet our team of experts:
Rima Arab
Ms. Arab is the Founder & CEO of Executive Training Solutions (ETS). She has a Masters Degree in Protocol & Soft Diplomacy and is an international trainer. She is a certified consultant in Corporate Etiquette, International Protocol and a keynote speaker on Executive Presence
Naji Sabri Al-Hadithi, Ph.D
His Excellency Dr. Naji Al-Hadithi is a former Diplomat, Foreign Minister of Iraq, and Deputy Minister of Information and Culture. Dr. Al-Hadithi has worked as a university professor of translation, communication, mass media and international affairs in Baghdad and Qatar. His specialties include international relations, foreign policy, negotiation skills, and diplomacy.
Omar Ganim
Mr. Ganim is a Protocol expert and a former Diplomat. With over 22 years of experience in the diplomatic field, he holds a Bsc in Business and Administration, MA in International Economics and MA in Diplomatic Correspondences. Internationally, he is a guest speaker/lecturer at the Malaysian Diplomatic Studies Institute.
Bertrand Leuba
Mr. Leuba is the Swiss Coaching & Teaching Lecturer. He has over 20 years of worldwide experience in the most prestigious establishments and academic schools. Mr. Leuba has developed teaching programs for professional courtesy & diplomacy and has become a well-known Consultant and Instructor of Swiss Customer Service.
Ibrahim Saber
Mr. Saber is a Media expert and a former Journalist. He is a producer at Reuters and teaches filmmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University in Doha, Qatar. He holds a High Diploma in television production and is a graduate of the Dutch Academy for Media and Friedrich Ebert Foundation for arts of television production. He also holds a degree in media coverage of hostile environment from the British SAS.
Mohamed Pedra Ph.D.
Dr. Pedra has a Doctorate in Educational Administration. He is an expert in Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), accelerated learning, emotional intelligence and train the trainers programs.With more than 25 years in the training field; he has delivered trainings in more than 13 countries and published books on life management, business meeting management and effective training.
Kamal Al-Orani
Mr. Al-Orani is a Financial Consultant and holds more than 25 years of experience in the training field of accounting, auditing and finance. His training subjects include accounting records, preparing financial statements under the IAS, budgeting, internal auditing and internal audit reporting within the IFRS.
The late Alice Hecht
May she rest in peace.
Ms. Hecht was a valued member of the ETS team. Ms. Hecht was the former Chief of Protocol of the United Nations, a former advisor in International Protocol, a former member of the professional staff of the Centre d’Études Diplomatiques et Stratégiques (CEDS), Paris, France and the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy (ISPD), Brussels, Belgium.