Professional development programs are an important factor contributing to an employee's progress and success at work. Ongoing professional development keeps employees up-to-date on the skills needed for their job which can help them achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

Programs Offered:

 Personal Development
- Time and Stress Management
    - Change Management
    - Innovation and Creativity at the Workplace
    - Self-Management for Future Success
    - Conflict Management
    - Problem Solving and Decision Making
    - Emotional Intelligence
    - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    - Office Administration
    - Presentation Design and Delivery
    - Negotiation and Communication Skills

 Finance & Banking
    - Accounting Records
    - Preparing Financial Statements Under the IAS
    - Budgeting (types, programs and performance budget)
    - Internal Auditing
    - Internal Audit Reporting within the IFRS
    - Risk-Based Auditing
    - Fundamentals of Finance for Non-Financial Professionals
    - Recent Trends in Documentary Credits in Accordance with International Standards
    - International Standard IFRS9 Credit Risk
    - Presenting Procedures and Policies of Work within the Organization Chart of Work Flow
    - Calculating Risk Management
    - Sales and Cross-Selling Skills for Banks

    - Interviewing Skills and Techniques
    - HR for Non-HR Professionals

ETS In-House training for corporates & organizations offered by Global Academy and Carleton's academic faculties

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