Service Excellence


The new millennium brings growing importance of international communication and creates the demand for individuals who are independent, creative, sophisticated and educated. They must possess the experience of international service standards and an understanding of foreign cultures.

Programs Offered:

 Customer Service
- Customer Service Excellence
    - Customer Service Management
    - Internal Customer Service
    - Telephone Etiquette
    - Handling Customer Complaints
    - Disability Sensitivity Training

    - Mastering Sales Skills
    - Royal and VVIP Sales Protocol
    - Mastering Sales Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    - Sales and Cross-Selling Skills for Banks
    - Negotiation Skills

    - Cross-Cultural Intelligence
    - Communication Skills (Verbal and Non-Verbal)
    - Verbal Intelligence
    - Communication Styles
    - Influence and Persuasion Using Emotional Intelligence
    - Presentation and Speaking Skills
    - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Effective Communication
    - Business Writing

    - Swiss Hospitality Standards
    - International Table Setting
    - English Afternoon Tea Etiquette
    - Restaurant Management:.
            - Understanding Guest Satisfaction and Service Excellence
            - Perfect Dining Room Preparation for Successful Service Delivery
            - Improving Service Quality
            - Menu Planning and Design
            - Formal Swiss and French Service Conventions and Standards
            - Food and Beverage Product Knowledge
            - Hard Skills Training for Waiters
            - Introduction to Restaurant Revenue Management for Managers
            - Responding Positively to Guest Complaints

ETS In-House training for corporates & organizations offered by Global Academy and Carleton's academic faculties

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